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How To Defeat Mainline Cell Carp Boilies And Other Enzyme-Active Popularly Established Ready Made Food Baits!


You can outrageously beat Mainline Cell boilies; or even improve on them by adapting their nutritional profiles, improving their excess free amino acid availability enormously, exploit various special base mix treatments, do finished bait treatments and do far more than this to truly optimise such

How To Use A Marker Float


Okay it’s confession time. Until 2 years ago I never used a marker float. But since, let me tell you it has been the single most useful piece of kit I have purchased. And invariably has lead me to catch more carp. For many new anglers, using a marker float can be very daunting. But it really

Watercraft For Carp Fishing


When I first started fishing for carp, I really ignored basic watercraft. I had rigs which I was very confident in, casting well, and using baits which I had every faith in catching on yet there were days I turned up blank. Simply put, you can have the best rigs, tackle and bait in the world, but

About Carp Fishing Guide

Carp Fishing Guide was setup from an idea. This idea was taken by the simple fact that finding un-bias, simple guides on carp fishing on the internet is difficult. Ben Tiffin, the founder of Carp Fishing Guide, started carp fishing in March of 2009 and found it incredibly hard to find any information about what rig is best to use in certain conditions, what gear to buy and most importantly how to catch carp! There are so many resources all lead by manufacturers selling their products within

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